How to configure MPICH-PM

Note: If you have installed, configured and made the whole SCore system, this should already be done for you. The file src/tools/Makefile has the configure options in it.

Source Code

The MPICH-PM source code is located in the directory src/tools/mpixx

Configuring MPICH-PM requires

  1. mpc++ must be installed
  2. mpcf77 must be installed (if using fortran)
  3. Use the ch_score device
  4. Choice of correct architecture
    use -arch=sun4 for the Sun Workstation Cluster
    use -arch=freebsd for the PC Clusters at RWCP (even though we run netbsd)


Example from a Makefile

configure       -arch=$(ARCH) \
                -make=$(MAKE) \
                -clinker=$(TOP)/bin/mpc++ \
                -clinkerpublic=$(INSTALL_ROOT)/bin/mpc++ \
                -prefix=$(INSTALL_ROOT) \
                -device=ch_score \
                -cc=$(GCC) \
                -c++=$(GXX) \
                -opt=-O4 \
                -fc=$(TOP)/bin/mpcf77 \
                -fcpublic=$(INSTALL_ROOT)/bin/mpcf77 \
                -mpe \
                -x11_lib=$(X11LIBS) \
                -x11_inc=$(X11INCLUDES) \